10 ultimate fashion tips to ensure you’re always stylish part 1

10 ultimate fashion tips to ensure you’re always stylish part 1

Some women, no matter what they're wearing, always appear stylish and current. After reading this post, you'll be able to look stylish, refined, and put together regardless of whether you're already a style icon or you think your look might use some updating. We've compiled our top 10 go-to fashion advice items to help you look and feel your best every day. And it's much simpler than you may imagine!


Elegant and classic, neutral colors. You can use neutrals as a base for the statement pieces in your closet because they are simple to mix and match with one another. Neutrals are always a good choice if you want to make an investment in a fashionable wardrobe that will last for years and simplify your life. Having said that, wearing too many neutrals can make an outfit look ordinary rather than fashionable, so strike a balance. Using accessories to create a statement is the simplest and most effective approach to combine neutrals and colors. Wear navy, black, camel, beige, white, and gray as your primary colors, and then energize the ensemble with vibrant hues, patterns, or prints. The nice part is that, as long as they coordinate well with the other neutrals in your closet, even the most "out there" accessories may become classic pieces of clothing.


High quality clothing looks and feels better for a reason that has nothing to do with branding. The majority of designers employ premium materials, cuts, and finishes, which gives designer apparel a sumptuous sense. Fast fashion clothing is produced fast from low-cost materials, therefore it typically has a poorer fit and feel. On the other hand, designer clothing is manufactured with premium materials and skilled manufacturing techniques. Clothing with this level of excellence and care exudes sophistication, elegance, and fashion.



The quickest way to look disorganized and out of place is to wear clothes that don't fit (unless you're deliberately going for the oversized look, of course). Not only can ill-fitting clothing seem messy, but it can also make you feel insecure, which will affect how you present yourself. You'll be less focused on being totally present in the moment if you're continually tugging at a dress that's too tight or pulling up pants that are too wide. Wear well-fitted, high-quality clothing that enhances rather than diminishes your confidence since clothing has an impact on our psychology. Keep in mind that dressing well is the height of self-care! The simplest approach to locate good-fitting, high-quality clothing is to browse consignment shops like Unique Fashion 2U.




Jumpsuits, rompers, and matching sets are quick to throw on and also stylish and functional. Cher was the fashion icon of matching blazers and skirts in the movie Clueless. These are quick and easy to put together because they were already paired up at the designer's workshop, but they give the appearance of a polished and finished outfit.

Search for a jumpsuit or matching set that complements your closet and sense of style. While sets are a terrific way to experiment with colors and patterns, keep in mind that you should still buy pieces that will last in your closet for several seasons. Trendy is cool, but a jumpsuit that appeals to your sense of style and soul will never go out of style.



I used to believe that wearing only one type of fabric or one color constituted "sophistication." But one day I understood that each outfit is made up of a variety of materials, textures, and prints by the majority of high-end designers. Combining several textures gives a look oomph by adding visual dimension.

If you don't know where to begin, creating an ultra-chic monochrome appearance by combining several textures in the same color family or shade is a great place to start. Try pairing a pink ribbed knit with a red satin skirt, a brown suede jacket with a camel silk shirt, or a black cashmere sweater with a black leather skirt. Your wardrobe will have a lot more options if you experiment with texture pairings.

Read part two coming August 5th.


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